Friday, August 11, 2006

Shlock Rock band's fund-raiser for Israel

Received via e-mail from Shlock Rock band:

Special Letter from Lenny and the Kraz,

A number of people emailed me after our last newsletter and remarked that except for the prayers for the 3 kidnapped soldiers I had not mentioned the war in Israel or the situation up north. The truth is living in Israel we are living it on a daily basis and I kind of figured you are as well even if you are not in this country.

Allen Krasna aka "The Kraz" whom you all know from his involvement in many Shlock Rock projects as a writer and actor came up with this idea. Read on as the Kraz explains this project.

Many of us living in Israel, specifically in a “safe” area – are trying our hardest to find a way to help out our soldiers, brothers, neighbors etc. And thank God at this time, everyone is working hard together doing great work. We, a group of neighbors in Bet Shemesh, came upon what we think is an interesting way – to combine fundraising, with profiling a local Soldier, and with a community's effort to help any way we can. The idea was first thought of 7 days ago, and through an incredible team effort we have managed to launch it .

Our effort is to:

Help one specific Oleh Soldier keep his spirits up by giving him something good to think about, getting many Jews to hear his music.

Find a way for people to contribute a small amount to the support effort (you are asked to give $10 – nothing more is accepted).

Help fund many important projects relating to the situation here, being run by the community of Bet Shemesh and by others.

Our Project is:

Without repeating here too much of what you will find on the site. Our project introduces a Hesder Soldier from our neighborhood, Elie Deutsch. It presents him to you as a son, a soldier, and a musician. We are selling a downloadable album of his music combined with audio clips (recorded from the phone) of him and his comrades from the Northern front. All proceeds of the sale go to various charitable efforts, to help soldiers, people in shelters in the North, and people displaced from the North.

I would greatly appreciate, if you would take a look at the site:

I would also appreciate it if you would pass this email on to people who you think would be interested

Thanks so much and hoping for Peace in Israel and for all of Israel.

Allen "The Kraz " Krasna

Well there you have it. The only thing I will add is that I actually produced Eli's vocal and the songs are really excellent. Keep praying as I am sure you are and we will all merit to see the coming of the Moshiach and re-building of the Bet Hamikdash speedily in our time!

Talk to you soon - Lenny [Lenny Solomon, bandleader, Shlock Rock]


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